The Infinite Light of Pure Grace naturally unfolds through all of us, bringing Infinite Fullness to all aspects of our lives


About Radiant Spirit

Radiant Spirit is a global organization dedicated to the Spiritual Enlightenment of our world. Through the Grace and guidance of fully Enlightened Radiant Masters we are able to directly enliven Infinite, Pure Spirit within people and communities to transform their lives by spontaneously experiencing unbounded fullness on all levels. This unfolding within a person of unlimited creativity from the source of Creation itself, empowers people with the innate ability to create the ideal life they desire.

Definition of Enlightenment

Woman experiencing bliss of Enlightenment

Enlightenment through Grace is a direct experience of infinite Pure Spirit as the foundation of your life

Enlightenment can be defined as living the full potential of a person’s life; ranging from silent, infinite awareness of spirit, to the joy of its’ expression into all levels of life in the world. Living Enlightenment means that you directly experience yourself as pure, silent, timeless, unbounded awareness, while also experiencing the world as this same pure, unbounded awareness … you are unified with the essence of creation at the level of Pure Spirit.

This is true self-actualization … unfolding and integrating the unbounded and abundant source of life itself in your awareness. The result is an overflowing Creativity of Life from it’s very source, bringing that limitless creativity into all aspects of your life….creating complete fulfillment for your heart, mind, body and relationships. One then has greatest possible clarity of thought for successful actions, fullness of loving emotions for meaningful relationships, joyfulness, inner peace, self-confidence, optimal physical health, integration of heart and mind, and harmony on all levels.

This has nothing to do with belief, religion, or philosophy. There are no techniques to practice or lifestyle to adopt. Living Enlightenment from Grace is a direct experience.

One gains Enlightenment spontaneously by orienting toward Living Radiant Masters, who are fully spiritually realized; living, enlightened masters established at the level of Omnipresent Consciousness. They are the natural embodiment of Grace, which enlivens that same level of Infinite Spirit in you which they are already living. Enlightenment through Grace means that it is given to you, so all you need to do is to be open and receive it. One can be given their Grace in person, and since their Omnipresent Soul is everywhere, their Grace can also be given at a distance without direct contact.

Experiences of Students

Woman looking radiant after receiving Pure Grace from Radiant Spirit

"It's amazing! After the session I felt that i had truly woken up for the first time in my life!" - Arianne B.

“Receiving Grace from an Enlightened Master has enabled me to experience “being myself” in the sense that I feel once again the magic and the wonder of life, as well as the curiosity and sense of freedom, that I had as a young child. Gaining freedom from mental boundaries and from old ego centric ways of being in the world has enabled me to just be myself, in a lighter, more peaceful and joyous way. 

For me, living an enlightened life is analogous to changing from watching a black and white movie to one done in full color; there’s more color, dimension, richness and light everywhere! There is also an “all is well” feeling which underlies my experience, allowing me to remain balanced and optimistic in the face of life’s challenges.” – Arianne B.

My heart is beginning to sing. The ache is no more 🙂 Thank you Master. This is amazing and sweet! – Simon P.

“This is not a meditation or in my imagination, this is a direct experience with Robert and Maureen, with this Pure Grace, that is growing and flowing in me. These experiences are getting stronger, and I am becoming more expansive, connected, and unified.” – Rex A.

“In life, I notice situations or solutions that are highest and best for myself and all involved now show up with greater ease. And a sense of just knowing when something is true, or really aligned.” – A. J.

“The two days after our session last time I felt like pure love … I wanted to be that love for my clients and the world. It felt wonderful and energizing!” – Eric C.

“Life is easy. I just flow gracefully through life. Every contact with Radiant Spirit makes me feel that Beautiful, Brilliant Radiant Spirit of the Celestial Divine as One. I am then tuned into that Divine mind field, tuned into that Big, Beautiful Universe – all is One and it all opens up.”  -Pat H.

What We Do

Our Programs offer a range of ways to make Grace available: focusing on giving Grace silently from the level of Omnipresent Consciousness. One can receive Grace at home through the web based Spiritual Orienting Program. We also have some programs, available for those who are ready to have structured one-on-one contact with a Radiant Master. These wonderful and intensive programs with Radiant Masters range from Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions, to the Spiritual Enlivenment Program which has more in-depth experience and knowledge. More information about our programs can be found on the Programs page.

Our Mission has five main goals: Making Radiant Masters who can give Grace to the world, creating mass media materials to reach the billions of people that share our precious Earth, perfecting global consciousness to create a more supportive and fulfilling world for everyone, maintaining a Radiant Electronic Network to provide a place for virtual in-person meetings and joyful group gatherings, and creating an Enlightened Community to share in our mission of being in Loving Service to the World. Our funding comes primarily through the donations of inspired people from around the world.

Our Vision is to develop the full potential of our planet by enlivening Infinite Spirit within individuals and communities, spontaneously expressing abundant fullness through all aspects of life. This will bring a world of love, peace, achievement, kindness, cooperation, and joy. This is a natural process, now that Infinite Spirit is fully enlivened in a growing group of people who have dedicated themselves to this unfolding. When all our world’s people realize their full potential, the full potential of our planet will be realized as well. What remains is for you to open yourself to this Grace and enjoy the growth!

More Information

More Details about Radiant Spirit can be found by clicking on our Overview Page  Your journey to full Enlightenment can start now

Robert Persons - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

Robert Persons
Radiant Master
In loving service to the world as the founder of Radiant Spirit in 1998

“That which is simplest and purest is the most powerful and useful for our lives. As we become Infinite Spirit we become the very source of Light and Life that nourishes our universe. It is then natural to express that Loving Force of Nature that cares for all, uplifts all, and heals all with Pure Infinite Grace. Open your heart and join us as we create a better world for everyone.”

Robert Persons – Radiant Master