Within a few minutes the seed of Full Enlightenment can be received through Pure Grace

Spirit Awakening

About Spirit Awakening

Experiencing a spirit awakening from Grace

With just a few minutes the seed of Full Enlightenment can be received, giving you an unbounded spiritual foundation, and the ability to create the life you desire

Many people have requested an opportunity to receive Grace directly from a Radiant Master, so Spirit Awakening was created to meet that desire of sincere seekers. Radiant Masters are fully spiritually realized, Enlightened masters who are established at the level of Omnipresent Consciousness and can directly create a state of full Enlightenment in anyone. During a Spirit Awakening Personal Session a Radiant Master gives you Grace in a one on one personal session over the phone. This enlivens the very core level of your spirit, while simultaneously dissolving any limits to your spiritual unfolding to Enlightenment.

A Spirit Awakening Personal Session is freely offered as a loving service to the world, and there is no charge. It is intended for those who feel intuitively drawn to Radiant Spirit, are at the point in their growth that they want to go beyond thinking and philosophy, and are ready for direct experience of the expansion of one’s spirit. The emphasis of the session is to receive Grace in silence, although there will be a brief explanation of how Enlightenment through Grace works, as well as an opportunity to receive answers to a few questions you may have about the resulting growth of Enlightenment in your personal life.

Experiences of Students

 “During the session I was in a deep state. I could feel boundaries dissolving away and expansion of my being. I was moving toward infinity. It was all very natural and thoroughly enjoyable. I found myself in a state of whole body transcendence. Every cell of my being was vibrating pure energy. I felt that Spirit had moved in to fully occupy the physical.

After the session I was charged, as if Infinity had given a jump-start to my soul. For a couple of days I experienced an expansion and a great clarity of awareness. This would silently slip away and return again many times. Along with this awareness I felt waves of delight and fullness emanating from my heart area. I have been a seeker (meditator) for many years, but the Spirit Awakening Session has brought me the most fulfilling spiritual experience I’ve ever had!” – Jack Koenen D.C.

“As they were completing this Awakening session I felt as though I were lying on a cloud, and completely cradled in this Pure Grace. It was truly a real experience, not an imagined one. This was purely experiential and continues to be. This is not a meditation or in my imagination, this is a direct experience with Robert and Maureen, with this Pure Grace, that is growing and flowing in me. These experiences are getting stronger, and I am becoming more expansive, connected, and unified.” – Rex A.

“Grace brings with it a cleansing, healing quality, and brings an awareness of unconscious patterns being cleared away.  This process creates a spaciousness inside, a lively, compassionate place where we can hold all things in the loving embrace of our awareness, and to appreciate the oneness that we all share.” – A. J.

How It Works

Woman receiving the light of Pure Grace

Receiving Grace begins the wonderful process of unfolding your level of Infinite Pure Spirit, transforming a life within boundaries to a life of unbounded fullness and bliss

Grace is the natural ability of a person living in Omnipresent Consciousness to enliven infinite expansion of Pure Spirit within a person, while simultaneously dissolving any blocks to the full unfoldment of life’s creativity through all levels of a person … unleashing your full potential, and the ability to create the life you desire. Grace is a gift of unbounded love that is outside the limits of karma, and thus can free a person regardless of his past actions or spiritual limits. During Spirit Awakening you will receive the “seed” of Full Enlightenment; namely the gift of Infinite Spirit will be established within you, and that will naturally unfold to Enlightenment over time.

Enlightenment can be defined as a state of spontaneously living unlimited creativity of life and all possibilities, either at the level of Unity Consciousness, or Omnipresent Consciousness. It is living the full potential of a person’s life, ranging from silent, pure awareness to the joy of its’ expression into all levels of creation. Living Enlightenment means that you directly experience yourself as pure, silent, infinite awareness, while also experiencing the world as this same pure, infinite awareness … you are unified with creation at the level of Pure Spirit. This is your core level of awareness, a new and profound state of being. You no longer live your life in illusion, from a limiting perspective; you have experientially transcended all viewpoints, and your life has become an expression of reality from the level of the essential reality of unbounded, infinite, Pure Spirit.

On a practical level, living an Enlightened life means that there is harmony in all areas of your life because all the parts of your being: spirit, heart, intellect and body are completely integrated. There is no longer any internal conflict between your head and heart about how to act or what to do. There is an automatic knowingness about what to do in every situation. You find an intimacy with all people you meet and all encounters with nature because the same infinite Pure Spirit that is your essential nature, is also the essential nature of the entire Universe. Every encounter feels dear to you because of this intimate connection. You feel a fullness in all areas of your life because your ability to express life’s creativity in your relationships, and work roles is 100% at all times. Relationships blossom, your work talents grow, and your love flows spontaneously in every situation. This is our natural state of being, how all life is meant to be lived. In addition to Enlightenment bringing you a life of infinite personal fulfillment, you are also a positive force for good in the world for every person you encounter.

This has nothing to do with belief, religion, or philosophy. There are no techniques to practice or lifestyle to adopt. Living enlightenment is a direct experience. It is a level of consciousness that is a baseline for all of your experiences. Living enlightenment also means that you express the infinite level of life’s creativity in all that you do. This means you spontaneously experience happiness, and fulfillment in your work and relationships, as well as harmony and peace within yourself and with others.

What To Expect

Blossoming of Enlightenment from Pure Grace

Enlightenment through Grace is a direct experience of infinite Pure Spirit as the foundation of your life

Many people report an immediate expansion of awareness and a feeling of being free in consciousness as never before. Some people feel a warmth in their body, or energy flowing up their spine. Since the giving of Grace also involves the dissolution of blocks within a person, some people feel an awareness of old emotions or feelings, and then feel them disappearing. Some people do not notice a great contrast immediately, but feel a noticeable expansion of awareness over the coming days. The experiences right after receiving Grace vary from person to person. No particular experience is more valid than any other, and it’s not beneficial to try to have a particular experience; we suggest you just enjoy your experiences as innocently as they come. The Radiant Master’s Grace will provide whatever understanding is needed specifically for you at this specific moment in time, so relax and enjoy as the journey of infinity unfolding itself in your life.

Altough the main experience of the session is the quiet receiving of Grace, however during the session with the Radiant Master, there will be an opportunity to ask a few questions you might have about how Enlightenment through Grace works, and how the Spirit Awakening Personal Session works. Since the session is over the phone, be sure to be in a relatively quiet environment without distractions. Being relaxed and with eyes closed, you need not do anything to receive the full benefit. The Radiant Master will put their attention on the core level of your Spirit as you receive Grace, which lasts for about ten minutes. You might be given some gentle instructions about where to put your awareness to enhance the process. You will then be quietly directed to open your eyes. At this time it is beneficial to be quiet for a few minutes and let your system assimilate what has been given.

Once you’ve received Grace from a Radiant Master during Spirit Awakening, Enlightenment unfolds naturally over a period of time. The unlimited level of life’s creativity and possibilities unfold from the deepest parts of you through the most expressed. First the potential “blueprint” of your soul is purified and expanded, then you experience your spirit, heart, intellect, body, and your relationship to the world being purified and expanded to an infinite level of creativity and fulfillment. If you cooperate with the process by openly accepting the growth, then it will go most quickly and enjoyably. In the coming days and weeks, accept the beneficial changes you will go through as the new Enlightened you is being created. Personal contact and guidance from a Radiant Master can also help to quicken the process, and is available for those who are truly open and sincerely desire to enhance their own growth, and help the world.

Experiences of Students

“I felt relaxed and went to that magnificent place – I turned it all over to Radiant Spirit. I let go and surrendered it all to their Grace. I was filled with a vast sense of expansion. It’s an invitation to trust the Divine. It felt beautiful, wonderful and peaceful. I came out feeling great!” – Pat H.

“It’s amazing! After the session I felt that I had truly woken up for the first time in my life. Everything became vibrant,and I felt that I was at one with everything and everyone around me” – Arianne B.

“The Spiritual Awakening Session has been the most valuable thing I have ever done. The Grace they gave me is the key the whole world is looking for, no matter the issue!” – A.J.

The Requirements

Spirit Awakening is open to any sincere person. Out of respect for everyone involved we ask that a few guidelines be observed:

Be ready and on time. Notify us in advance if for any reason you are unable to attend your scheduled personal session.

Plan to be in a quiet place for the phone session, fairly free of noise and distractions. This will allow for maximum apprciation of what is being given to you.

Maintain respect toward your Radiant Master throughout the meeting. Since Spirit Awakening is the expansion of Infinite Spirit deep within you, the emphasis is on appreciating the gift of Grace on that silent, inner level.

There is no fee for a Spirit Awakening Personal Session, it is open to any sincere person who has not taken a Radiant Spirit course before, and has not had a Spirit Awakening Person Session in the last year. It is a gift of love freely given to the world by Radiant Masters. However if you feel inspired, Donations are accepted and appreciated to further the work of Radiant Spirit. The world and many others thank you!

The Next Step

Robert Persons - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

Robert Persons
Radiant Master
In loving service to the world as the founder of Radiant Spirit in 1998

Just a few minutes receiving the Light of Pure Grace from a Radiant Master is enough to change the course of your life toward Full Enlightenment. So simple, so easy, so profound. Spirit Awakening begins the awakening of Pure Infinity on all levels of your being … it is the wondrous start of a spiritual journey that will make all your dreams come true.”

Robert Persons – Radiant Master