Together we become a loving Force of Nature that gently unfolds itself as the Infinite Light of Pure Grace for Everyone


About Radiant Spirit

Radiant Spirit is a worldwide organization dedicated to the Spiritual Enlightenment of our world. Through the Grace of fully Enlightened Radiant Masters we are able to directly enliven Infinite, Pure Spirit within people and communities to transform their lives to spontaneously experiencing unbounded fullness on all levels. This unfolding within a person of unlimited creativity from the source of Creation itself, gives people the innate ability to create the ideal life they desire.

Definition of Enlightenment

Person feeling the bliss and freedom of Enlightenment

Enlightenment through Grace is a direct experience of infinite Pure Spirit as the foundation of your life

Enlightenment can be defined as a state of spontaneously living unbounded spiritual creativity of life and all possibilities as the baseline of your awareness, either at the level of Unity Consciousness or Omnipresent Consciousness. It is living the full potential of a person’s life; ranging from silent, infinite awareness to the joy of its’ expression into all levels of creation. Living enlightenment means that you directly experience yourself as pure, silent, infinite awareness, while also experiencing the world as this same pure, infinite awareness … you are unified with the very source of creation at the level of Pure Spirit. This is your core level of awareness, a new and profound state of being.

You no longer live your life in illusion from a limited perspective; you have experientially transcended all viewpoints, and your life has become an expression of reality from the level of the essential reality of unbounded, limitless, Pure Spirit. Enlightenment is the ultimate self-realization of the unbounded, blissful source of one’s self as the same as the universal source of Creation itself. On a practical level, living an enlightened life means that the limitless spiritual creativity of Pure Spirit is brought out and infused into all parts of you and your life.

This greatly expands your ability to manifest your desires, resulting in success and a feeling of fullness in all that you do. Your ability to express life’s creativity in your relationships and work roles is 100% at all times, stabilizing you in the changing nature of life. You are self-actualized in all ways and living your highest potential at every moment.

There is harmony in all areas of your life because all the parts of your being: spirit, heart, intellect and body are completely integrated.There is no longer any internal conflict between your head and heart about how to act or what to do. There is an automatic intuitive knowingness about what to do in every situation. You find an intimacy with all people you meet and all encounters with nature because the same Infinite Pure Spirit that is your essential nature, is also the essential nature of the entire Universe. Every encounter feels dear to you because of this intimate connection. Relationships blossom, your work talents grow, and your love flows spontaneously in every situation. Your body also becomes vibrant with life energy, chakras fully aligned, supporting your maximum life span. One is living full self-actualization in every way, all based on a full spiritual awakening and spiritual healing which then heals all parts of your life

Living Enlightenment means that you naturally express the unbounded level of life’s creativity in all that you do … your higher self at your finest level of silent awareness is integrated with all levels of you … your full potential is realized and lived at all times! This has nothing to do with belief, religion, or philosophy. There are no techniques to practice or lifestyle to adopt. Living Enlightenment is a direct experience. It is a level of higher consciousness which is a baseline for all of your experiences in every moment.

It is everyone’s potential to live this natural state of being … this is how all life is meant to be lived. In addition to Enlightenment bringing you a life of complete personal fulfillment, you are also a positive force for good in the world for every person you encounter.

Experiences of Students

“Although I have always loved the natural world, I’m now experiencing it more completely, with a profound sense of wonder and appreciation and with an enriched sensory apparatus as well! Not only is it incredibly beautiful, but there is that ineffable, inner essence that radiates through, that sublime energy that we feel when we are in nature. That sacred energy is beyond the power of words to describe, but it possesses such a healing vibration for us and for the world. It’s wonderful to feel it so purely now.”

“In professional relationships, Grace creates a lively space for clarity and mutual understanding, in which the highest and best outcome can unfold. Everything gets done without our really having to do anything, and elegant solutions can arise in ways we’d never even dreamed of!”
– Arianne B.

“With relationships … those that are still aligned to be in my life, I see growing on their own accord. Becoming lighter and brighter. Others have come into my life resonate with me on a more deeply spiritual level.” – A.J.

“After receiving Pure Grace for 4 or 5 days, those feelings, thoughts, and emotions, all began to dissolve, while being replaced with, acceptance, peace, love, comfort, calm, and this expanding Radiant Spirit of Oneness and Grace. This truly had an amazing powerful effect on me. I also noticed that the little things that used to bother me no longer bothered me.

This is an ongoing, amazing transformation for me! For anyone who is looking for life-changing results, this is it. But you must be prepared to let go of old beliefs, programming, and understanding of your old condition, and entrust this Pure Grace to do the work, at the level of Pure Spirit, and it will transform you too.” – Rex A.

How Enlightenment Through Grace Works

Flower representing growth of Enlightenment through Pure Grace

Growing to Enlightnement through Grace is the process of receiving the bounty of one already living it

Many people seek Enlightenment through meditation, yoga, the study of metaphysics, chakra energy work, and mindfulness. The goal of these approaches can be reached more directly and quickly by orienting to the Grace of a Radiant Master already living Enlightenment. Radiant Masters are fully spiritually realized, enlightened masters who are established at the level of Omnipresent Consciousness, so through their Grace they can directly give you the state of full Enlightenment … and it will unfold most quickly if you are open, receptive, and willing to grow.

Grace is defined as the rare ability of a Radiant Master to dissolve the limits and obstacles that have prevented you from living and experiencing your full potential. Grace also simultaneously enlivens the level of Infinite Spirit within you, bringing fullness to your spirit, heart, intellect, identity, and body. Grace is a gift of boundless love that is outside the limiting influence of karma, able to dissolve karmic obstacles to growth, and thus can free a person regardless of his past actions or current spiritual limits. Radiant Masters have the ability to give Grace to anyone, anywhere. Since their Omnipresent Souls are everywhere, their Grace can be given at a distance without direct contact. Indeed, the main role of Radiant Spirit is to bring enlightenment to all parts of world silently, without having direct contact with the billions of people on our planet.

Once you’ve received Grace from a Radiant Master, your true spiritual awakening and spiritual healing begins taking place immediately, with full Enlightenment unfolding naturally over a period of time. The boundless level of life’s creativity and possibilities unfold from the deepest parts of you through the most expressed. First the potential “blueprint” of your soul is purified and expanded; then you experience your spirit, heart, intellect, body, and your relationship to the world being purified and expanded to the highest possible level of fullness and achievement. If you cooperate with the process by openly accepting the growth, then it will go most quickly and enjoyably. No intellectual knowledge is necessary once Grace is given. Ongoing personal contact and guidance from a Radiant Master can also help to quicken the process, and is available for those who are truly open and sincerely desire to enhance their own growth, and help the world.

Experiences of Students

“So much value spending time with Radiant Spirit. I have walked through my life exploring different alternative modalities and they are great. But I always come away believing Radiant Spirit comes out on top. It is the very highest of all. Feeling the Omnipresence of Radiant Spirit and the pure infinite creativity. That everything is possible and all is well.” – Pat H.

“The two days after our session last time I felt like pure love…I wanted to be that love for my clients and the world. It felt wonderful and energizing!” – Eric C.

Our Mission

Heart shaped tree representing Radiant Spirit's mission of spreading Love in the World

The most fulfilling mission one can have is to be in the full service of others, with full mind, body and heart

To make Grace available worldwide to all individuals who want to develop their full potential. Through at-home and in-person programs, support and follow-up services we will make Grace available to all individuals. To accomplish our mission we are focusing our efforts in the following four areas:

Creating Radiant Masters. Radiant Masters are individuals who have made it to Enlightenment and then, because of their unique ability to give to the world, proceed to an advanced state of enlightenment called Onnipresent Consciousness. Individuals who reach Omnipresent Consciousness and desire to work with Radiant Spirit go through an extensive training program for Radiant Masters to prepare them for giving The Spiritual Enlivenment Program and for other important Radiant Master work.

Perfecting Global Consciousness. A major service of Radiant Spirit is the direct influence of world events and trends through Omnipresent Consciousness alone. To this end the Global Perfection Program is comprised of a group of Radiant Masters whose sole function is to dissolve blocks in the soul of the world, freeing people from old limiting behavior, and enlivening the infinite level of possibilities so that new solutions can be found to old problems. Also to purify the silent blueprint of creation so that the abundance of Infinite Spirit can be fully expressed in all aspects of life. More details can be found at the Global Perfection Fund

Creating Mass Media Materials. Grace is automatically present in any material that a Radiant Master produces, such as the Radiant Spirit website, audio files, books, and videos. Since the soul of a Radiant Master is present everywhere in creation, these materials allow a person to effortlessly tap into that Pure Grace wherever they live. These mass media materials can be very effective to reach millions of people around the world, without requiring direct contact with a Radiant Master, allowing anyone who has an interest in developing their full potential to do so.

Maintaining A Radiant Electronic Network, which is the lifeline through which all the international activities of Radiant Spirit are coordinated. This includes video conferences, phone calls, email and encypted servers to allow multiple people to share and work on materials. By connecting people electronically around the world, we are able to handle the training of Radiant Masters, synchronize the intentions of the core members of the Global Perfection Group, coordinate the development of mass media materials, as well as administrative tasks.

Supporting An Enlightened Community. As a natural outgrowth of creating Enlightened individuals, many will desire to be involved in a community of people who share common values and aspirations for the world. We will offer regular virtual events for our community members including ceremonies for the newly Enlightened, other social events and an annual New Year celebration honoring all our Enlightened community members. If you’re serious about becoming Enlightened and helping others, come join us and help us grow our Radiant Enlightened family!


Our Funding

Our approach to funding is to give unbounded love to the world through our Grace, and let the world naturally return the gift with resources to help continue our work. The courses (such as SES and SEP) have relatively low fees to cover the costs of the Radiant Master’s time and overhead. The bulk of our funding is through loving donations. People who feel inspired to help can donate through one of the funds that target specific areas of work, or make general donations. Gifts of estates help insure that their generosity will benefit coming generations. More information about our funds can be found on the Funds page. expressed in all aspects of life. More details can be found at the Funds Page

Our Vision

Sunrise representing Radiant Spirit's vision of bringing Enlightenment to the world

The highest vision inspires one to move toward a goal which the world cannot even conceive of yet

To develop the full potential of our planet by enlivening Infinite Spirit within individuals and communities, spontaneously expressing Infinite Fullness through all aspects of life. We know that a world of love, peace, achievement, kindness, cooperation, and joy is possible because our Radiant Masters have already reached that level on which this is lived as a day to day reality. All that remains is the joyful process of Infinite Spirit expressing itself through all of the rest of the world. This is a natural process, now that Infinite Spirit is fully enlivened in a growing group of people who have dedicated themselves to this unfolding.

Through our Grace the world is quickly gaining more enlightened people who live the common level of Infinite Spirit which unifies their life with everything else in the Universe. In every moment they act in a way that supports the highest good for all others as well as for the planet. When all our world’s people realize their full potential, the full potential of our planet will be realized as well. What remains is for you to open yourself to this Grace and enjoy the growth! If this inspires you in a deep way, then you are part of this process and we would love to have you Contact Us

More Information

For more information, here is a transcript of an introductory phone session with Radiant Masters Robert Persons and Maureen Lundberg speaking with a prospective new student named Alexis. To read the transcript Click Here.

To make a donation supporting the work of Radiant Spirit, go to our Donation Page. The world and our future world thank you! 

Robert Persons - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

Robert Persons
Radiant Master
In loving service to the world as the founder of Radiant Spirit in 1998

“As we become Infinite Spirit we become the very source of Light and Life that nourishes our universe. It is our joy to selflessly become that Loving Force of Nature that cares for all, uplifts all, and heals all with Pure Infinite Grace. Open your heart and join us as we create a better world for everyone.”

Robert Persons – Radiant Master