Simply orienting In the direction of Pure Grace enlivens unlimited fullness From within

Spiritual Orienting Program

About Spiritual Orienting

Since a Radiant Master’s soul is Omnipresent their Grace can either be given by their putting attention on you, or received by you putting your attention on them. The Spiritual Orienting Program is a self directed, at home program that gives you a structured way to actively receive Grace without having to be in the direct presence of a Radiant Master™.

During orienting sessions with your Radiant Master you tap into their Grace and are infused with unbounded spiritual creativity which goes to work dissolving the old, limited parts of your soul allowing the new you to unfold.  By orienting to your Radiant Master’s expansive spiritual creativity regularly you establish the ongoing presence of infinite spiritual creativity within you, enhancing your spiritual growth to Enlightenment. Since your Radiant Master’s Omnipresent Soul is everywhere, you can orient toward them at anytime, from anyplace.

How To Orient

Woman orienting her attention to the source of Pure Grace

Orient to Omnipresent Pure Grace with the attitude of receiving, and you will expand to become that

Orienting is simply tuning into your Radiant Master’s essence with an open heart, and allowing yourself to be positively transformed day by day, week by week, month by month until you are fully Enlightened.

It’s useful to start orienting by looking at your Radiant Master’s photo.  Look at their photo with an open heart and with an attitude of receiving the essence of your Radiant Master’s Omnipresent Being.  Do not look at the details of your Radiant Master with your eyes, but rather with your heart – accepting into your being the spiritual liveliness you see and/or feel through your heart.  As you look at the photo have the intention of receiving the unlimited spiritual creativity of your Radiant Master into your being, and allowing this creativity to transform you.  It is turning in the direction of your Radiant Master, with the intention of receiving, that enlivens Pure Spirit within you – dissolving old patterns and obstacles to growth and creating spiritual transformation.

How Spiritual Growth Unfolds

Person feeling radiant as her spiritual awakening unfolds

With an open heart and an attitude of receiving, tuning into the Pure Grace of a Radiant Master will bring you to Enlightenment

In the beginning of your spiritual growth the expanded spiritual creativity inside you is small like a seed beginning to sprout; don’t be concerned if this spiritual liveliness is not readily apparent in your early orienting sessions. By maintaining an open heart and regularly tuning into the lively spiritual creativity of your Radiant Master, infinite spiritual creativity will become well established within you. 

As universal spiritual creativity takes hold and your spiritual growth unfolds you will begin to feel more and more spiritual creativity at work in your life.  At this point the rate of change increases like a snowball gaining momentum as it starts rolling down hill.  There will be more destruction of the old limits than creation of the new you at this point.  You may also feel moments of expansion of your being and more liveliness as you orient to your Radiant Master.  This is a very good sign. By continuing to orient to the infinite spiritual creativity of your Radiant Master with an open heart you encourage your spiritual unfolding. You may find it helpful to offer any discomfort or sadness to your Radiant Master.  The more surrendered you are to your Radiant Master’s unbounded spiritual essence the smoother and faster your growth will take place.

When your orienting is well established you may choose to find the essence of your Radiant Master through their written words, spoken words – through audio recordings or by simply finding them in your heart.  Again, look past the details of the written or spoken words and the details of your Radiant Master and accept their lively spiritual creativity into your being.

Once unbounded spiritual creativity is well established within you, you will begin to feel more expansion of your being, a greater sense of oneness with all life, and the beginnings of the unfolding of your new life. At this point the change taking place will be more about the creation of the new you than the destruction of the old limits. You may feel so infused with infinite spiritual creativity that you wonder how you could feel any better or how any more expansion could possibly take place. Until you are fully Enlightened, orienting to your Radiant Master helps infuse you with the lively  spiritual creativity that washes away any remaining old and allows your new life of Infinite Fullness to unfold.  At this point in your orienting sessions you will probably find it easy to find your Radiant Master in your heart at any time, anywhere.  And then you will find that you are beginning to radiate spiritual fullness in all

When, Where and Length of Orienting

We recommend that you orient to your Radiant Master at least 3 times per week, though daily would be ideal.  Choose a quiet place to orient away from phones and interruptions by others.  Most people find it helpful to develop a routine such as orienting each night before retiring or each morning upon waking.  If you carry your Radiant Master’s photo in your wallet or purse, you may find yourself with a few minutes of silence in which to orient.  Invest 5 to 15 minutes during each orienting session.  You may feel a need to orient longer at the beginning of your spiritual growth.  You may also be inspired to orient a couple of times each day.  Do what feels best for you.

Turn toward your Radiant Master’s Universal, Radiant Source
and let your new life unfold into Unbounded Fullness

Orient Now

Robert Persons - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

Robert Persons
Radiant Master
In loving service to the world as the founder of Radiant Spirit in 1998

“ The sun gives of its’ light and warmth freely. Like that, the light of our Pure Grace is found everywhere, but one needs to know how to tune into it to gain its’ full benefits. Orienting works simply and profoundly by giving you the direction to turn to receive Grace. This enlivens the fullness of Infinite Spiritual Creativity within you, bringing increasing fullness every day”

Robert Persons – Radiant Master