Together we become a loving force of nature which gently unfolds itself as the universal Light of Pure Grace for everyone


Most of the resources needed to carry on our work are supplied from generous donations. We welcome whatever you choose to give, either as a general donation, or targeted in one of our specific Funds. Many people who have found value in what we are bringing to the world have included us in their wills, or as beneficiaries in their annuities or life insurance.

In addition to contributing to the world we live in today, you can also leave a lasting legacy by contributing to an Enlightened future which we are building through our loving efforts. Radiant Spirit can be put in your will, or as beneficiary in your annuity or life insurance. If you feel inspired to do this, then Contact Us for more information. We will help work it out for you.

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Robert Persons - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

Robert Persons
Radiant Master
In loving service to the world as founder of Radiant Spirit in 1998

““The greatest gift is to give of ourselves for those we haven’t met, and for those who are not yet born. Now that Pure Grace is available, it is possible to make real, positive changes in the quality of our lives, the lives of the ones we love, and our children for generations to come. Come join us by giving of yourself, and together we will see what beauty can blossom from our Love”

Robert Persons – Radiant Master