Experience the Infinite spiritual fullness of life, and explore the full depth of understanding with true clarity

Spiritual Enlivenment Program

About The Program

The Spiritual Enlivenment Program from Radiant Spirit International is a balanced combination of both infinitely expanded spiritual experience, along with profound knowledge of the nature of consciousness, along with personal guidance. This program does what Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions do, and expands on that with more in depth knowledge, intellectual understanding, and guidance from a Radiant Master. The basis of the program is naturally enlivening Infinite Pure Spirit within you by giving you a direct experience of profound spiritual awakening through Grace, and connecting you with an unbounded, Omnipresent source of lively spiritual creativity. This spontaneously results in a growing sense of fullness, well-being, and love on all levels of your being … leading to a life lived in happiness and full Enlightenment. To compliment your experience are lessons of intellectual understanding detailing how Enlightment works at all stages and levels. It is not a philosophy, not a religion, has no techniques to learn, and is compatible with any lifestyle.

How It Works

Radiant Master and student during the Spiritual Enlivenment Program

“So much value spending time with Radiant Spirit. Their experience and knowledge are the very highest of all" - Pat H.

You expand in both experience and understanding by receiving Grace from a Radiant Master who is already living life at the level of Omnipresent Consciousness, as well as intellectual understanding from your Radiant Master’s experience and intuitive abilities. Because a Radiant Master’s soul is Omnipresent they has the natural ability to infuse everything they sees, touche, write and speak with Grace. It is Grace which effortlessly dissolves internal blocks within you, directly creates a spiritual awakening and spiritual healing, and naturally raises you to the level of  Unbounded Pure Spirit. This is a spontaneous and easy process of true self-realization. When you receive Grace from your Radiant Master with an open heart and an attitude of receiving his Omnipresent Being, this automatically enlivens infinite spiritual creativity from within you, with great benefits on the level of your heart, personality, and body.

You will receive Grace from your Radiant Master during these one on one sessions and from time to time between sessions when your Radiant Master puts their attention on you. And you, between sessions, can infuse yourself with more Grace when you orient toward your Radiant Master at any time and any place. With an open heart and an attitude of receiving his Omnipresent Being, you are connected with the very source of life itself … a Radiant Master who is automatically enlivening limitless spiritual creativity from within you, which unfolds into an everyday, all time, life of fullness in Enlightenment.

You will also be given specific, personal guidance to help you understand and maximize the unfolding of your unbounded spiritual creativity. Your Radiant Master will answer any questions that arise relating to your growth to Enlightenment, and they will provide practical insight based on their experience of living an Enlightened life, what other students have found to be valuable as they grow, and what the Radiant Master intuitively sees happening with your growth.

And each session includes a discussion on a specific topic to help you gain a deep understanding of the mechanics of personal growth to Enlightenment, as well as deep insights into the true nature of Reality as experienced from the level of a fully Enlightened Radiant Master. You will be given electronic documents with information about how to maximize your growth, as well as outlines of each of the topics covered in each session. These educational materials not only serve as a valuable reference to the intellectual understanding laid out in the program, but the materials themselves also contain Grace, so that reading them outside of the sessions also has the enlivening effect that comes from your Radiant Master.

The Lessons

Illustration of different states of consciousness

Understanding the totality of the level of life one is living is good, but experiencing and understanding how to live Enlightenment is even better

The core block session topics are:

  • Introduction and Growth Through Change: How Grace Makes Change a Blessing
  • Understanding Your Spiritual Nature: Finding You in the Universe, and the Universe in You
  • Infinity Unfolding: The Growth of Synchronistic Fullness in Your Life
  • Living Enlightenment: What it’s Like to Live a Life of Infinite Fullness
  • Stepping Fully Into Infinity: The Stages of Enlightenment
  • Your Role in the World and Your Continuing Growth Program: How to Keep Pure Spirit Growing and Flowing.

    The first advanced block session topics are:

    • Refreshing the Foundation of Our Understanding Based on Experience.
    • What is Love: Living Both the Active and Silent Levels of Love
    • The Joy and Purpose of Relationships: The Fundamental Principles of Fulfilling Relationships
    • Your True Identity: Releasing Your Infinite Self from the boundaries of Creation
    • Expressing Pure Intuition: The Practical Use of Intuition in Everyday Life
    • Living Unlimited Possibilities in an Unenlightened World: How Infinite Creativity Unfolds to Create Your Life
    • The Consciousness of the Planet: How Our Enlightenment Affects the Growth and Fulfillment of Everyone

    Experiences of Students

    “Infusions of Grace naturally break down years of restrictive mental conditioning and move us beyond the mind to the deeper reality within, in a completely effortless way. Grace brings with it a cleansing, healing quality, and brings an awareness of unconscious patterns even as it clears them away. This process creates a spaciousness inside, a lively, compassionate place where we can hold all things in the loving embrace of our awareness, and to appreciate the oneness that we all share.” – A.J.

    “Life is easy. I just flow gracefully through life. Every contact with Radiant Spirit makes me feel that Beautiful, Brilliant Radiant Spirit of the Celestial Divine as One. I am then tuned into that Divine mind field, tuned into that Big, Beautiful Universe – all is One and it all opens up.” – Pat H.

    The Specifics

    Flower representing a person opening to the light of Pure Grace as it grows to Enlightenment

    Both deep experience and deep understanding work together to create a solid and powerful foundation of one's life

    The Spiritual Enlivenment Program core block consists of a 12 week block, composed of 6 sessions lasting 1 1/2 hour each. The block includes:

    An initial orientation and Enlivenment session. This includes discussion on how the program works, how to gain the most from it, and what to expect. Every session includes Enlivenment of Grace, which is both active and quiet. During Active Enlivenment your Radiant Master will answer any questions about your personal experiences, and give you understanding of what will be unfolding in the next steps of your growth. You will also learn profound knowledge and practical insights about the true nature of you, the universe, and higher states of consciousness. During Quiet Enlivenment you close your eyes while your Radiant Master works quietly by focusing their attention on areas within your level of spirit, as well as levels witihin your soul such as heart and intellect, enlivening Pure Spirit within you.

    Sessions continue every two weeks for the remainder of the block. One has the option of  enjoying a single lesson over two sessions, which would double the number of sessions and cost. This would allow you to focus longer and deeper on each lesson. Sessions are handled over the phone, which includes Quiet Enlivenment.

    The block ends with a concluding session in which we cover any general understanding and guidelines that will help you continue your growth in the coming months and years.

    The program also includes up to one hour per month of additional personal guidance of needed by email, to answer questions about your growth and to help insure smoothness and ease as infinite spirit unfolds in your life. The advanced blocks have a similar structure and cost, although they are one session longer at a slightly higher cost.

    The Requirements

    Experience: The program is open to anyone who has had at least four months of Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions, at least one session per month.

    Application: This involves filling out a short form so your Radiant Master can determine if it is appropriate to accept you as a student. An open heart and a willingness to accept the changes that come with growth are the essential factors. Contact Us to receive a link to the online application.

    Time: You need to be willing to put aside 1 1/2 hours every other week on a regular basis for the sessions over a period of three months. Also very valuable are some quiet moments each week to silently orient toward your Radiant Master to reinforce the Grace you have been given, and some time to review the latest lesson.

    Cost: We are fully committed to bringing spiritual Enlightenment to the world by supporting Radiant Masters, creating audio/video/print materials, maintaining a Radiant Center, as well as maintaining a web site so that the entire world can benefit from Radiant Masters’ Grace.

    To fund this effort, the fees for the core block of the program are: 12 weeks: US$2,000.00, and 24 weeks: US$4,000.00, payable in full at the time of your orientation. If the 24 week option is chosen, then each lesson will be covered for two sessions. This allows you to gain more depth in the knowledge of each lesson, as well as having time to consider each lesson and then come back with more questions about that lesson before moving onto the points of the next lesson.

    Robert Persons - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

    Robert Persons
    Radiant Master
    In loving service to the world as the founder of Radiant Spirit in1998

    “Nature works in such a simple way – to gain Enlightenment, connect with those who are already living it. I’m looking forward to helping you directly experience the infinite, spiritual fullness of life, and to explore the full depth of understanding when every aspect of life is seen through infinite clarity. Open your heart and join us in this worldwide awakening of the Infinite Light of Pure Grace.”

    Robert Persons – Radiant Master