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About Enlightenment Through Grace

Enchanted woman feeling bliss of Pure Grace

"I let go and surrender it all to their Grace. I am filled with a vast sense of expansion. It's an invitation to trust the Divine. It feels beautiful, wonderful and peaceful. I come out feeling great!” - Pat H.

Woman feeing joyful from living Enlightenment

“Receiving Grace from an Enlightened Master has enabled me to experience “being myself” in the sense that I feel once again the magic and the wonder of life, as well as the curiosity and sense of freedom, that I had as a young child." - Arianne B.

 • Is this some kind of new age energy work?

What we do is quite different. New age energy work is done mostly on the subtle energetic level of your being and it may make you feel better in the short run or even result in a bit more expanded experience, but it doesn’t not have transformational power of operating at the transcendent level of Pure Spirit which is what is enlivened through Radiant Spirit. Pure Spirit completely transcends all levels of the physical world, including subtle energy fields. Radiant Spirit offers a truly transformational process because it operates at the deeper, unmanifest, very core level of one’s level of silent spirit.

• This sounds like the XYZ organization …. are you doing the same thing?

Although some other organizations might use some of the same words, we use our terms as they relate to direct experience. There are many personal growth type organizations in the general public looking who are looking to grow or who have grown a large following. They are often organizations which offer intellectual knowledge of a feel good kind, designed to give their members spiritual thoughts and inspirations. They would be more show that actual substance. Unless the leader is fully spiritually realized, which is quite unlikely, they cannot help you to actually become a spiritual realized person, since knowledge of Enlightenment does not actually Enlighten a person.

Radiant Spirit focuses on the real transformation of individuals from the inside out, starting with direct experience of Pure Spirit. And since we are fully realized we have the ability to bring any willing and committed person to the level we are living. We do not care about attracting large number of students, we focus on those at the point in their spiritual evolution when they are ready for direct experience and real transformation. We care about helping interested people and students grow spiritually through the experience of Grace unfolding directly in their lives until they have become fully Enlightened beings. And we care about the spiritual growth of the world by the same means.

• What is the process of getting to Enlightenment through Grace?

The way to reach Enlightenment is to receive Grace from a Radiant Master and then orient to the Grace of a Radiant Master already living Enlightenment. Radiant Masters are fully spiritually realized, Enlightened masters who are established at the level of Omnipresent Consciousness, so through their Grace they can directly give you the state of full Enlightenment … and it will unfold most quickly if you are open, receptive, and willing to grow.

Grace dissolves the limits and obstacles that have prevented you from living and experiencing your full potential. Once you’ve received Grace, your true spiritual healing begins taking place immediately, with full Enlightenment unfolding naturally over a period of time. The boundless level of life’s creativity in Pure Spirit is established first, then possibilities unfold from the deepest parts of you through the most expressed.

• Is this related to religion?

This has nothing to do with belief, religion, or philosophy. There are no techniques to practice or lifestyle to adopt. Living Enlightenment is a direct experience. It is a level of higher consciousness which is a baseline for all of your experiences in every moment. Living real Enlightenment means that you naturally express the unbounded level of life’s creativity in all that you do … your higher self at your finest level of silent awareness is integrated with all levels of you… your full potential is realized and lived at all times!

As fully realized beings, we live our lives from the level of direct experience – we can see and experience how things really are because we have fully transparent personalities which allow us to experience life directly with no particular point of view or bias. It’s an incredibly refreshing and liberating way to experience the world.

• What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a state of being where you are unified with the very source of all creation at the level of Pure Spirit, and you directly experience yourself as one with the world. Attaining this level allows you to live your life with 100% of life’s creativity all the time, 24/7 which gives you the ability to create the life that you want on every level – work, relationships etc. without the ups and downs that unenlightened people experience. Living at this level also helps support all those you come in contact with – supporting them on their own journey to be the best they can be. A more detailed definition can be found on our Overview Page

• How long does it take to get to Enlightenment?

Every individual is unique and so there is no definitive timetable for anyone’s particular growth to their full potential. It can take anywhere from a matter of weeks to a matter of years. It depends on how open and surrendered the individual is, how well they are able to let the transformation upfold, and also how much challenge there is in the person’s unenlightened life that they need to let go of to attain Enlightenment. For that reason, we do not predict how long it will take a person to attain Enlightenment at the beginning or during the process of becoming Enlightened.

• What is it like to live an Enlightened life?

Living an Enlightened life means that the limitless spiritual creativity of Pure Spirit is brought out and infused into all parts of you and your life. This greatly expands your ability to manifest your desires, resulting in success and a feeling of fullness in all that you do. Your ability to express life’s creativity in your relationships and work roles is 100% at all times, stabilizing you in the changing nature of life. You are self-actualized in all ways and living your highest potential at every moment.

You will experience joy, inner peace, loving relationships and harmony on all levels of your being… There is an automatic intuitive knowingness about what to do in every situation. You find an intimacy with all people you meet and all encounters with nature because the same Infinite Pure Spirit that is your essential nature, is also the essential nature of the entire Universe. Every encounter feels dear to you because of this intimate connection.

• What do I need to do to get Enlightened?

One gains Enlightenment spontaneously by orienting toward Living Radiant Masters, who are fully spiritually realized, living, Enlightened masters established at the level of Omnipresent Consciousness. They are the natural embodiment of Grace, which enlivens that same level of Unbounded Pure Spirit in you which they are already living. Enlightenment through Grace means that it is given to you, so all you need to do is to be open and receive it. Since a Radiant Master’s Omnipresent Soul is everywhere, their Grace can be given at a distance without direct contact.

Regular infusions of Grace will speed the process. You can receive Grace by reading the materials that we, as Radiant Masters have written, such as anything on our website. If you are open and surrendered you can apply for our Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions where you get a chance to connect one on one with a Radiant Master to receive Grace, speed your growth, and help you understand the experiences you are going through. You can also orient towards us to receive Grace, such as through the Spiritual Orienting Program which can be enjoyed at home at no cost.

• What does receiving Grace feel like?

The experience of receiving Grace is different for every individual, depending on their state of growth at the time. Sometimes there is no immediate experience, however the impact unfolds over the coming days and weeks. For that reason, whenever Grace is given, there is no particular experience that we are looking for. Just enjoy your experiences innocently as they come … Some examples of student experiences include:

Having the feeling of boundaries dissolving – one’s whole being expanded.

A feeling of whole-body transcendence – every cell became enlivened with life.

Filled with a sense of bliss and happiness.

Greater clarity of awareness. In the coming days it would slip away and return again many times.

After the session I was charged, as if Infinity had given a jump-start to my soul.

Waves of delight and fullness emanating from my heart area.

I felt like I became pure love.

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More Information

More Details about Radiant Spirit and our programs can be found by clicking on our Introduction Page and Overview Page . Your journey to full Enlightenment can start now

Robert Persons - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

Maureen Lundberg
Radiant Master
In loving service to the world through Radiant Spirit since 1998

“That which is simplest and purest is the most powerful and useful for our lives. As we become Infinite Spirit we become the very source of Light and Life that nourishes our universe. It is then natural to express that Loving Force of Nature that cares for all, uplifts all, and heals all with Pure Infinite Grace. Open your heart and join us as we create a better world for everyone.”

Maureen Lundberg – Radiant Master