We must hold our future in our hearts and nourish it with infinite love

Forever Radiant Fund

How This Fund Was Inspired

People joining together to bring Enlightenment to the world

Together we are transforming our precious world into a place of joy and fulfillment through the light of Pure Grace

As you begin to appreciate your Radiant Spirit spiritual growth, or if you are already living an Enlightened life, you can feel the priceless nature of our gift to you of Infinite Fullness through Grace. When you are fully Enlightened it is automatic to appreciate the beauty of divinity in everything you see, touch, taste, smell and hear. Universal love flows through you in every circumstance touching the people you encounter inyour unique and very special way.

As this Grace reaches all corners of the world, think about how much more joy, purity and harmony there will be as you encounter more and more people who are also Enlightened: family members and friends, plumbers and carpenters, doctors and lawyers, bankers and teachers, farmers and CEO’s, politicians and heads of state. The entire world is being transformed through this gift of Pure Grace. Radiant Spirit is dedicated to making this transformation a reality as soon as possible by bringing Pure Grace to everyone across the globe … and you have a vital role to play.

Bringing a pure spiritual awakening and fullness of life in all ways will be accomplished through the joyous, hard work and dedication of hundreds of Radiant Masters, thousands of volunteers, and millions of Enlightened people worldwide for generations to come. Through the generous contributions of people like you, who understand the value of our mission and who are compelled to be a part of this legacy of Enlightenment, the Forever Radiant Fund has been developed to lay the groundwork for this extraordinary mission. Your support now is the seed for the spiritual growth and healing of the entire world, which will multiply many times over for generations to come.

Comments By Students

“Gaining Enlightenment through Grace has given me a chance to be a blessing to the world, furthering the mission of Radiant Spirit. Now I can make a contribution to world peace and can help to bring about a better world simply by being in it!” – Arianne B.

“We are beyond blessed to have Radiant Spirit on our planet today. The Grace given during Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions is the key the whole world is looking for, no matter the issue.” – A.J.

What the Fund Does

Light of Pure Grace shining across the world

Enlightenment through Grace is a direct experience of infinite Pure Spirit as the foundation of your life

Contributions to the Forever Radiant Fund will support activities that expand and perpetuate bringing Pure Grace to our world. These include:

Development and expansion of the Radiant Spirit Website. As a beacon of light which crosses all international boundaries, the Radiant Spirit website touches people every day with Pure Grace, knowledge of Enlightenment, and inspiration.

Creation of mass media materials to make Grace available to individuals across the globe through the development of audio and video presentations, music, art, written materials, and breeding of the Grace Rose which is a physical embodiment of Pure Grace.

Maintaining a Radiant Electronic Network which is the lifeline through which all the international activities of Radiant Spirit are coordinated. This includes video conferences, phone calls, email and encypted servers to allow multiple people to share and work on materials. By connecting people electronically around the world, we are able to handle the training of Radiant Masters, synchronize the intentions of the core members of the Global Perfection Group, coordinate the development of mass media materials, as well as administrative tasks.

Training of Radiant Masters who undergo an extensive program to prepare them for giving The Spiritual Enlivenment Program, and for other important Radiant Master work in bringing Grace to the world.

How You Can Help

Your contribution can be made on a regular monthly, quarterly or annual basis, or, if you wish, as a one-time donation. Donations are often of money, stocks, bonds, or residential/commercial real estate. You may also feel inspired to list Radiant Spirit as the beneficiary in your will, living trust or annuity. Gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds are also appreciated. Whether it is a small or large amount, every donation will be greatly appreciated by people today who gain Enlightenment through your generosity, as well as people in coming generations.

To make a donation to this fund, go to our Donation page. The world and our future thank you!

Robert Persons - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

Robert Persons
Radiant Master
In loving service to the worldas founder of Radiant Spirit in 1998

Now with the Light of Pure Grace we can see the dawning of a new time. A time when Infinite Spirit will shine forth through everyone, filling the world with joy, love, success, and peace. Everything that we do now to help infinite spirit unfold is a seed of love given to our common humanity … inevitably blossoming into fullness for everyone in spirit, heart and mind. Helping now is a gift of love given to our children, and their children.”

Robert Persons – Radiant Master