Never before have we held such a beautiful and sublime power to change the world for the better

Global Perfection Fund

About the Fund

Earth growing to Enlightenment through Radiant Spirit

By operating on the level of Omnipresent Consciousness, positive trends are established to move the world toward perfection

Since all of us living on our planetary home are connected, the ultimate fulfillment of our personal lives requires that positive influences be present in all of our surroundings. The Global Perfection Fund is a very unique fund which works to create positive trends in behavior between people of the Earth, create harmony in the relationship of people and our natural resources, as well as to prevent natural disasters.

This is accomplished by maintaining a group of fully Enlightened Radiant Masters who have the rare ability to directly dissolve blocks within the soul level of whole communities of people and nature, enliven positive possibilities throughout creation, and enhance positive trends from the deepest level of creation itself. Through their selfless dedication, and your help, we are leading all aspects of life on Earth to a level of ultimate fullness and perfection.

What the Fund Does

Through Omnipresent Consciousness we directly create positive trends in three main areas, working on one of three levels: a general law of nature, behavior of a whole country or group of people, and behavior of an individual. We also put focused attention on current trouble spots according to the need of the moment. The following is a partial list of problem areas that we work on, neutralizing negativity, enlivening new ways to solve these problems, and bringing rapid growth to living in a completely harmonious and positive way:

Relationships Between People and Their Effects
o Terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare
o Intolerance of cultural, national, and religious differences
o Selfishness, greed and lack of ethical values
o Weakness of family and community units
o Diseases which lower lifespan and limit the ability to live a full life
o Overpopulation, famine, refugees – humanitarian crisis
o War torn nations
o Regions of conflict in the world – such as the Middle East

People Interacting With Our Planet
o Global warming, burning of fossil fuels, acid rain, resulting heat and drought conditions
o Destruction or alteration of natural habitats, logging mining, agricultural chemicals
o Marine over-fishing
o Urban sprawl, diversion of water – hydroelectric dams, reservoirs
o Water pollution, discharging of toxic chemicals into water sources
o Fertilizers and farm animal waste run off into water sources
o Health concerns such as AIDS, cancer, malaria, etc.
o Over consumption of natural resources

Planetary Balance and other Natural Events
o Asteroid collisions
o Deviations of Earth rotation and orbit
o Reversal or change of Earth’s magnetic field
o Disruption from large solar flares and other space radiation
o Disruption from natural climate cycles

How It Works

Enlightened people bringing a golden age through Radiant Spirit

Pure Grace from the level of Omnipresent Consciousness dissolves negative patterns while moving creation in a positive direction

The changing of negative trends into positive evolution is now taking place on a global scale because of the dedicated attention of a group of fully Enlightened Radiant Masters. These are people who are living life at the level of Omnipresent Consciousness, meaning that because their soul is omnipresent they are able to spontaneously affect positive changes within anyone, and at any place in creation, by using the focus of their attention. This is actually the giving of Pure Grace, which dissolves karmic blocks within people and creation, while simultaneously enlivening Unbounded Spiritual Creativity which makes a new level of possibilities available to all.

While the world is currently caught in a web of action and reaction which leaves little real room to change behavior for the better, it is only Pure Grace which effectively breaks the cycles of violence, misunderstanding, and selfish behavior. Through Grace new possibilities of behavior are made lively within people and nature so that all behaviors and actions become fully positively synchronized and in accord with their highest potential.

This group of Radiant Masters also work at the level of Pure Potentiality which can be compared to the drawing the blueprint of creation. All events that will happen are present in silence before creation begins to stir. By purifying negative patterns at this level the very unfolding of history is improved before it happens, and with full purification over time, this leads to a life of perfection for all of us on Earth. This means that all of creation itself unfolds in ways that support love and tolerance within people, economic success and fulfillment for everyone, and a healthy and stable environment.

This fund allows a group of Radiant Masters to be supported full time, giving Grace to specific areas directly through their intention from the level of Omnipresent Consciousness. Most of their day is spent in silence giving Grace to specific areas that are determined by group consensus. They also spend some time each day searching through pure intuition for areas that will cause problems in the future, and purifying these subtle patterns within Pure Potentiality before they have a chance to happen.

How You Can Help Our World

Holding the future of our planet with loving hands

Donations now will positively impact you and our world for years to come. By laying the seeds of Pure Grace now we are creating a better life, fulfilling our hopes and dreams

This important work is entirely supported by contributions of people like you. Whatever you can donate is a gift of love that will go to work creating a more perfect world with uplifting trends and positive values for you, the ones you care about, and the world’s children.

A one-time donation will certainly be appreciated. However, due to the ongoing nature of this program, which supports the living expenses of a group of Radiant Masters, an on-going program of regular donations is also very valuable. We suggest you consider a regular monthly, quarterly, or yearly donation. We will be glad to send out reminder notices at regular intervals, or direct withdrawls can be used to streamline the process. Also consider adding Radiant Spirit to your will, or as beneficiary to your annuities or life insuance. We thank you!

To make a donation to this fund, go to our Donation Page

Robert Persons - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

Robert Persons
Radiant Master
In loving service to the worldas founder of Radiant Spirit in 1998

“Now with the Light of Pure Grace we can see the dawning of a new time. A time when Infinite Spirit will shine forth through everyone, filling the world with joy, love, success, and peace. Everything that we do now to help infinite spirit unfold is a seed of love given to our common humanity … inevitably blossoming into fullness for everyone in spirit, heart and mind. Helping now is a gift of love given to our children, and their children.”

Robert Persons – Radiant Master