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Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions

About Enlivenment Sessions

The Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions from Radiant Spirit International are a natural way to enliven Pure, Infinite Spirit within you by giving you a direct experience of profound spiritual awakening through Grace, and connecting you with an unbounded, omnipresent source of lively spiritual creativity. This spontaneously results in a growing sense of fullness, well-being, and love on all levels of your being … leading to a life lived in happiness and full Enlightenment. It is not a philosophy, not a religion, has no techniques to learn, and is compatible with any lifestyle.

How It Works

Woman receiving the light of Pure Grace from Radiant Spirit

Enlightenment through Grace is a direct experience of infinite Pure Spirit as the foundation of your life

The basis of the program is receiving Grace from a Radiant Master who is already living life at the level of Omnipresent Consciousness. Because a Radiant Master’s soul is omnipresent they have the natural ability to infuse everything they see, touch, write and speak with Grace. It is Grace which effortlessly dissolves internal blocks within you, creates a true spiritual awakening with spiritual healing, and naturally raises you to the level of Infinite Spirit. This is a spontaneous and easy process of true self-realization.

The program consists of regular sessions with a Radiant Master who naturally radiates Grace. All you need do is receive their Grace with an open heart and an attitude of receiving. The fullness of Enlightenment is spontaneously given to you as a direct experience. This automatically enlivens infinite spiritual creativity from within you, which then produces great benefits in all aspects of your life – with no effort. You will receive Grace from your Radiant Master during one on one phone sessions, and from time to time between sessions when your Radiant Master puts attention on you. And you, between sessions, can infuse yourself with more Grace when you orient toward your Radiant Master at any time and any place. With an open heart and an attitude of receiving their Omnipresent Being, you are connected with the very source of life itself … a Radiant Master who is automatically enlivening infinite spiritual creativity from within you, which unfolds into an everyday, all the time, life of Enlightenment and fullness.

In your Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions you will also be given specific, personal guidance to help you understand and maximize the unfolding of this infinite spiritual creativity. Your Radiant Master will answer any questions that arise relating to your growth to Enlightenment, and they will provide practical insight based on their experience of living an Enlightened life, what other students have found to be valuable as they grow, as well as their intuitive abilities to see what is happening in you.

Experiences of Students

“Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions have been the most valuable thing I have ever done. The only thing I would have changed is I would have done more! I was a bit of a tangled mess when I began, but Maureen and Robert were infinitely patient with me and encouraged me every step of the way. I feel as though I literally owe them my life … more than my life, actually. We are beyond blessed to have them on our planet today. The Grace given during Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions is the key the whole world is looking for, no matter the issue!” – A.J.

“During the session I was in a deep state. I could feel boundaries dissolving away and expansion of my being. I was moving toward infinity. It was all very natural and thoroughly enjoyable. I found myself in a state of whole body transcendence. Every cell of my being was vibrating pure energy. I felt that Spirit had moved in to fully occupy the physical.

After the session I was charged, as if Infinity had given a jump-start to my soul. For a couple of days I experienced an expansion and a great clarity of awareness. This would silently slip away and return again many times. Along with this awareness I felt waves of delight and fullness emanating from my heart area. I have been a seeker (meditator) for many years, but the Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions have brought me the most fulfilling spiritual experience I’ve ever had!” – Jack Koenen D.C

“I feel relaxed and go to that magnificent place – I turn it all over to Radiant Spirit. I let go and surrender it all to their Grace. I am filled with a vast sense of expansion. It’s an invitation to trust the Divine. It feels beautiful, wonderful and peaceful. I come out feeling great!” – Pat H.

The Specifics

Person joyful feeling growth to Enlightenment through Pure Grace

"The Grace given during Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions is the key the whole world is looking for, no matter the issue.” - A.J.

The Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions is custom tailor to the student, although they usually consist of at least a single one hour session per month, although many students decide to maximize their growth with 2-4 sessions per month.

The first session you have will involve an initial orientation and Enlivenment (1 1/2 hours). This includes discussion on how the sessions work, how to gain the most from it, and what to expect. The Enlivenment part of the session is both active and quiet. During Active Enlivenment your Radiant Master will answer any questions about your personal experiences, and give you understanding of what will be unfolding in the next steps of your growth. During Quiet Enlivenment your Radiant Master works quietly by focusing their attention on areas within your spirit, enlivening Infinite Pure Spirit within you.

The sessions are conducted by phone. Quiet Enlivenment is quite effective when performed over the phone, because the Radiant Master’s soul is Omnipresent, therefore their spiritual essence can be given to anyone anywhere by intention.

When a regular monthly program of sessions is agreed to, then it also includes up to one half hour per month of additional personal guidance as needed, by email, text, or phone, to answer questions about your growth and to help insure smoothness and ease as infinite spirit unfolds in your life.

The Requirements

Application:  A prerequisite is having experienced a Spirit Awakening Personal Session. If you have already experienced this with a Radiant Master, then fill out the Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions application. An open heart and a willingness to accept the changes that come with growth are the essential factors.

Time:  You need to be willing to put aside 1 hour for each session you decide to have. It is also valuable to set aside some quiet moments between sessions to silently orient toward your Radiant Master to help enhance what you have received from your Radiant Master.

Cost:  We are fully committed to bringing unbounded spiritual fullness to the world by supporting Radiant Masters, creating audio/video/print materials, continuing our web site, as well as maintaining a Radiant Center. Your contributions not only benefit you greatly in your spiritual unfolding to Enlightenment, but also support bringing Radiant Masters’ Grace to everyone in the world.

The fees for the program are: First core session in a month: US$200. Additional sessions in a month: US$125. Remote Sessions are also available which are the giving of Grace from a distance without any contact. They last for 30 minutes: US$75. Remote sessions are often added to a regular session schedule, but can also be used on their own.

If you are at the point in your spiritual growth to sincerely appreciate the value of the sessions, but find yourself in a limited financial situation, contact us to see if some arrangement can be made.

Maureen Lundberg - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

Maureen Lundberg
Radiant Master
In loving service to the world through Radiant Spirit since 1998

“As we become Infinite Spirit we become the very source of Light and Life that nourishes our universe. It is our joy to selflessly become that Loving Force of Nature that cares for all, uplifts all, and heals all with Infinite Pure Grace. Open your heart and join us as we create a better world for everyone.”

Maureen Lundberg – Radiant Master