Understanding helps us to orient in the direction of what is happening on the level of spirit … and enjoy our unfolding Fullness



This section contains both short and long explanations of Radiant Spirit: What we do, how we do it, our mission and our vision. The Overview pages also define Enlightenment, and what it can mean in one's daily life. If you are new to Radiant Spirit this is a good place to start


We offer a wide range of programs; from Spirit Awakening which is a free personal session to receive the seed of Enlightenment ... to intensive one-on-one programs of deep experience and knowledge in the Spiritual Enlivenment Sessions and Spiritual Enlivenment Program


As part of our mission to the world, from time to time Radiant Masters have published worldwide general, informative articles about the basic principles of Creation, and how one can best grow to fullness in life.


Having some understanding of the growth of Enlightenment helps us move smoothlly forward. This section contains questions and answers about questions which people have asked over the years

Maureen Lundberg - Radiant Master at Radiant Spirit

Maureen Lundberg
Radiant Master
In loving service to the world through Radiant Spirit since 1998

“Just a bit of knowledge helps one to be open to the wonderful process of receiving Grace from a Radiant Master. Knowing how simple real spiritual growth and fulfillment can be, allows one to relax and enjoy this amazing journey toward Enlightenment.”

Maureen Lundberg – Radiant Master